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Welcome to CCSiT

On-Site Experts
07 4243 3296

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CCSiT provides the following solutions, Services, Licensing, Ordering, Management, Security and many more.

We provide excellent contracting IT solutions and management to EQ schools in the south east region.

Award Traineeship

Trained Staff

We provide schools with honest, friendly and reliable technical staff who come with completed OC Certificate and required Blue Card.


We work directly with multiple suppliers to ensure schools get access to the best possible hardware and software.


Our staff are able to come up with creative solutions for any IT challenge your school may have.

Why Choose CCSiT?

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CCSiT onsite school tech services provide outstanding support and maintenance for schools. The team of school-based orange card techs are highly knowledgeable and efficient, ensuring that all technology-related issues are promptly addressed. Whether it's troubleshooting software problems, setting up hardware, or managing networks, CCSiT excels in delivering top-notch support. CCSiT's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their exceptional communication and dedication to resolving technical challenges. 

Endorsements of suppliers by EQ employees are strictly prohibited under provisions of both the Queensland Public Service Code of Conduct and the Department of Education Standard of Practice so CCSiT cannot, and will not, publish endorsements received.

If you as a school are interested in finding out about whether our services are a good match for you, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide you with the names of schools we currently support so that you can contact those schools directly to ask any questions you may have about our dedication to our support of schools.

Contact us

Phone:    (07) 4243 3296


Corporate Offices (Truis): 144 Bluestone Circuit, Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD 4073 Australia

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